Satisfaction Guarantee

If there is any dirt left on your windows, we’ll come back and clean for no extra charge.

We use the water-fed pole.  The water-fed-pole system uses purified water and that is able to suck up dirt like a detergent.  When the water dries, there is nothing in the water to leave any kind of mark.  There is no better way to clean windows.  The brush removes marks from the windows.  The window can then be rinsed with the pure water for a perfect finish.

The Water-fed-pole is safe for the window cleaner and it produces very reliable results.

Very dirty windows and frames?

Sometimes very dirty windows or more importantly frames are so dirty we may charge a higher price the first time around to make sure we can afford to do a good job the first time around. Very dirty windows and frames take significantly longer to clean. Drips from very dirty properties can fall after the window cleaner has left especially if it is wet.  This may leave the window a little dirty so the higher price means the window cleaner can take enough time to make sure the windows and frames are cleaned properly.

Oily windows?

Some windows are oily from detergents used on the windows in the past; in this case it may take a few cleans to remove the oil before the windows are looking their best. Only 1 in 1000 properties seem to have this problem at all especially if the homeowner has already used a window cleaner who uses the water fed pole. Our guarantee applies to dirt and obvious mistakes and not to these barely noticeable oily smears.  You will just need for the windows to be cleaned a few times so that we don’t have to charge a fortune to remove the streaks the first time around.  They do come off in time!

Very Dirty Fascia’s and PVC in general?

Fascia’s are so dirty sometimes that cleaning the windows at the same time is impossible to do well.  The water gets stuck in the grilles and can take hours to sort out properly.   If you want all your PVC cleaned, we will be happy to do it.  Just ask us and we will give you a quote.  Since the work is more complicated and fiddly some people find the quotes for doing this rather high sometimes, so don’t be surprised to find the quote for cleaning all the PVC higher than normal window cleaning. We will need to book two different days to clean the PVC and windows.  We can make two appointments with you to make sure the windows are clean as well as the plastic.

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