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We use a water fed pole

The Water fed pole uses purified water which is able to suck up dirt like a detergent.  The water is purified using Reverse Osmosis so that it is free from impurities that would leave your windows looking dirty.   Your windows and PVC will be completely clean or we’ll either clean again for free or you can have your money back.  

Water fed pole is safe for the user and produces very reliable results.

We cover the South-East

Green Windows is an expanding business based in Brighton and Hove.  We mainly cover the Brighton and Hove area from Worthing to Rottingdean, but we can reach Haywards Heath, Crawley, Horsham, Guildford, and all the way up to the M25 – West to Chichester and East to Eastbourne.

Why green windows?

Green-windows was created to support the development of Sea-tree through charitable tax breaks; Sea-tree can absorb Co2 from the atmosphere. 

Choosing us as your window cleaner means in the near future we could be offsetting not only our own carbon emissions but yours as well. 

Reduction of Co2

If you use Green-Windows you’ll help support the development of Sea-tree, a charity which can offset individual and business CO2 emissions.

Sea-tree works by raising deep ocean water to cause plankton blooms.   The plankton is a plant and so is able to absorb Co2.   

Initially for every £4000 donated we can reduce the same amount of CO2 as 3000 trees!   That’s enough to completely negate 3-6 westerners C02 emissions, so more than enough to negate the emissions of Green windows.

Later, economy of scale means more Co2 can be removed for a much lower cost.   Most loyal customers could be making a significant change in their net Co2 emissions if they use us as their window cleaner.

Find out more @seatreeco2reduction on Facebook – Website and Registered Charity coming soon.  

Clean electricity and drinking water for developing countries in the tropics.

Deep ocean water can be used to produce clean electricity 24-7 and drinking water.  Supporting the development of one project is supporting the other as they both use the same pump.  This technology is suitable throughout the tropics.  It’s not only clean it can produce far cheaper energy than imported diesel.

Find out more @newotec on Facebook and Twitter – or at

This technology has interested the likes of Bill Gates and it’s regarded as a promising emerging technology.  The water from this system can still absorb C02.  On larger scales use of this technology would be equivalent to planting an entire forest.    

What’s the connection between the different companies?

The pump required to make all this happen was the brainchild of the Boss of Green windows.

Charitable tax breaks mean that instead of paying corporation tax, green windows can finance the development of sea-tree and new-otec instead.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If there is any dirt left on windows we’ll come back and clean for no extra charge or your money back.

Very dirty windows and frames?

Sometimes very dirty windows or more importantly frames are so dirty we may charge a higher price the first time around to make sure we can afford to do a good job the first time around.   Very dirty windows and frames take significantly longer to clean.

Drips from very dirty properties can fall after the window cleaner has left especially if it is wet.  This may leave the window a little dirty so the higher price means the window cleaner can take enough time to make sure the windows and frames are cleaned properly.

Oily windows

Some windows are oily from detergents used on the windows in the past; in this case it may take a few cleans to remove the oil before the windows are looking their best.  Only 1 in 100 properties seem to have this problem at all especially if the homeowner has already used a window cleaner who uses the water fed pole.

Our guarantee applies to dirt and obvious mistakes and not to these barely noticeable oily smears.  You will just need for the windows to be cleaned few so times so that we don’t have to charge a fortune to remove the streaks the first time around.   They do come off in time – !