Why choose Green Windows?

The three main reasons for choosing us as your window cleaner are:

Our Money Back Guarantee; we’ll clean again for free if you are not happy.

Our Experience; we’ve years of experience cleaning windows, and have great skill with the water fed pole; there is no kind of domestic property we have not cleaned.

Excellent customer service; enjoyment of the work means we’ve never found customer service to be a problem; It’s not the kind of work that gets you down, quite the reverse, and this surely has a positive effect on customer service.  Sussex and Brighton and Hove is a great place to live and work!

Other Great reasons we would like you to know about.

Besides our excellent track record for cleaning windows, we’re a working example of a company that could offset both its Co2 emissions and thermal pollution using new technology.  Green Windows is looking to offset it’s Thermal and Co2 emissions through charitable donations and subsequent tax breaks.

In fact, Green-windows was created to support the Deep-sea cold-water research and development initiative.  A recently founded organization that is offering to help people and companies offset their Co2 and thermal emissions.   It’s a startup and funding is sparse presently though this might change. 

Together we are trying to find any way possible to efficiently spread the word about deep-sea cold water and the benefits it could bring.  We’re saving up to buy land in the tropics to build an eco-park and resort where we will showcase everything that deep-sea cold-water can do.  There are plenty of ways you could get involved and we look forward to gaining your support in due course.   The simplest way you can help is to use Green-windows as your window cleaner. 

You can find out more about deep-sea cold water @ http://www.new-otec.com

And @ https://www.facebook.com/seatreeco2reduction